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    Webdesk Dashobard Views


      I am the administrator and have published numerous dashboards for my analysts to view.


      I have noticed that my analysts can amend their own view in dashboards, I watched an analyst move a tile within one of the dashboards and then it came up with a message saying 'dashboard saved'.


      I don't want them to be able to amend any of their dashboards, how do I lock this down?


      I want to ensure that my analysts can only see the dashboards as I have created them.

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          John Haddad Expert

          Hi Shabba,


          you can take out from privileges the ability to modify dashboard for that analyst


          another solution is to create schedule to delete all user modification for dashboards,
          create a query on Personalized Dashboard under system:


          the result will be something like this :

          and then set a schedule for deleting all these records daily .