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    Assistance with creating Report for Incident active by analyst group each day in a range?


      Hey Everyone, i was hoping i can get some insight regarding a report i'm trying to build. I would like to build a report that would allow me to see the amount of incidents currently active to each analyst. which i know is possible, the problem i am having is i need that same information but for previous days as well.


      So if i filter with:


      Active = Yes, Assigned To = 'Me'.


      i see the incidents currently assigned to me which is great!


      But how do i do the following...


      Date Range option to select a range of days to see in the report.

      Group Report by Assigned Group, and sort by Assigned Analyst.

      Than show the amount of incidents/tasks they have active for each day within the range at a specific time. let's say at 8:00AM.


      Please let me know if you need more info.


      In advance, thank you all for you help!

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