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    Link Fields - Import Personnel Data - Using numbers instead of names?

    MarkLarvo Specialist

      We have been using LDAP import to populate our employee data. We populate ManagerLink and now have a new AssistantLink field.


      This no longer adequately supports needs since we do not put all of our needed data in AD. We want to switch to using data from PeopleSoft.


      ManagerLink fields have been loaded using the AD "manager" field. Article 51253 states that the source data should use the name of the field under "Special Purpose Fields"


      https://community.ivanti.com/docs/DOC-51253 (Honestly, I don't quite understand what this article is telling me. :-(


      QUESTION: If I changed the "Special Purpose Field" to CustID, which is the PeopleSoft employee number, can I using employee numbers instead of names?


      Employee names change and are inconsistent identifiers for an individual record. An employee number is unique. I made an attempt to load employee numbers against these two fields but it did not seem to work.


      QUESTION 2: Is anyone loading employee link fields using numerical identifiers instead of names?


      Thanks! Mark.

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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          51253 refers to how you would go about mapping the fields on a manual file import.  When you use automation to populate a link field you need to hand it the information it expects to see.  In the example in that KB we see you have to use the Name field of the Org Unit record you want linked.


          As far as your questions:

          1: I would recommend you do not change the Display field inside the Special Purpose fields on the Details of the Business Object.  This has potential to cause problems with other automation and may cause


          2: This might depend greatly on the method you are using to import from Peoplesoft.  One way I think would work regardless of import method would be to import the numerical ID into it's own field and then use automation after the import completes to ensure the link is established and accurate.  https://community.ivanti.com/docs/DOC-52778 might give you an idea of how to build a search and workflow that could link up anyone whose data does not match up correctly.