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    File director windows client no ovarlays, no sync

    AlbertoM Rookie

      From 2 months ago I experiment these problems with file director windows client.

      The file director windows client ver is 4.3.74 (but the same problem was with ver 4.3.70 and 4.2)


      - no overlay icons available also after a new installation of the client as you can see below


      - empty folder if I don't manual sync the client


      - and finally after manual synk the folder I have many synk problem as:

           - no immediate synk (also after 10 or more minutes) from client to server and viceversa

           - full sync only after logoff/login or restart the service



      The windows client setting parameters are:



      I have these same problems with a user and installing file director on more PCs.

      Some of you have any solution or idea of troubleshooting the problem?


      Many thanks

      Alberto Magnani