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    Smart Device File Payloads


      Avalanche in-premise

      Windows10 P.C used for development/testing

      Self signed certificate installed

      IIS enabled and configured


      I am in the process of trying to create Payloads for a customer looking to deploy Zebra TC8000 on their Avalanche in-premise implementations and during my initial testing on my local installation as per above I am finding that having enrolled a device I can download APK software payloads using Manifest URL successfully to the device (Zebra TC8000) but cannot get File Payloads to download.

      The Enabler log file shows what appears to be a problem with resolving the Avalanche server Host name to its IP Address?




      09-01 20:33:31.024 E/com.wavelink.android.policyenforcement.api.impl.FilePushingPolicyEnforcement(1449): 2017-09-01 20:33:31.023

      Device payload TC8000-Vel-Settings has failed to download to the device for reason Unable to resolve host "HP-NOTEBOOK": No address associated with hostname.


      My understanding is that APK software payloads are handled by the SDS server and file downloads via Tomcat?

      The log shows that the Enabler is unable to resolve the Avalanche server name to its address which I find odd. To get its name it must knows its address??


      Any suggestions would be appreciated