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    Report Builder Only Exporting First Result

    ChrisMoto Apprentice

      Good Morning/Afternoon fellow Xtractionites.


      Finally got around to using the Report Builder with the Desktop Application. Looks like it has some promise.


      However I've run into an issue where Xtraction is only exporting the first result from the report.


      It returns and displays all records in the Report Builder application:


      As you can see above, the report has 38 pages with all of approx 160 results (separated by headers).


      When running the query in Xtraction (SQL Stored Procedure) it returns all of the results:


      The same amount of records returned as in the Report Builder preview. All the records are there, perfect!


      I export the report using the Template I have imported into it:


      Only the first result in the prior list of results is inserted into the report.


      If I export the report without using the template, Xtraction will export every result. It just doesn't work when using the template.


      Can anyone shed some light on how I can debug this?


      (Using v2017.1)