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    Opening/Closing Tabs by Default


      When a user signs in and opens many different tabs from the list of top level tabs, and then signs out, all of the tabs close besides the tab that was selected. It remains open when the user signs in again. Is there any way to make it so all of the tabs are closed out besides the home tab upon login?


      This is what currently happens when a user signs in with a previously selected tab:


      tab 1.PNG



      This is what it should look like:


      tab 2.PNG


      Is there anyway to accomplish this by default?

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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          This behavior is by design.  It does however, only apply to Workspaces / tabs that are Marked as "Initially Visible" in the AdminUI > Roles & Permissions > Top Level Tabs. 


          Removing that flag from a workspace / tab definition will also remove it from the Header on the UI as well.  Notice that when I remove this flag from Change:


          I no longer see "Change" in my group of Headers (It is usually between Problem and Release OOTB for the Admin role):