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    How to Query a Multi-Select

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      I am hoping someone can tell me if they have had any luck writing queries that return values entered in a multi-select. For example for Change Management, we are currently using a multi-Select for impacted or effected CIs in a Multi-Select field. The problem here is that when trying to modify the Change search query, we cannot create a filter that lets you accurately query a value contained within that CI multi-Select.


      It is not just in this module either, I have noticed globally that I cannot search for values in a multi-Select field with any reliability. Has anybody figured out a reliable way to make this work? If so, I would love to know. Thank you.

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          Senta SupportEmployee

          Hello tbuchanan,


          Multi select list on a window are a simple way to add Objects to a collection.


          You can either query the Object used for the collection it self (e.g. System.Group for the User.Groups Collection),

          or you add the collection to the preview pane of your query (for console queries).

          In the second way you will get a tap showing the content of the collection after selecting an entry of the Query on the Object which contain the collection.


          Accessing Collections in Queries is tricky as a collection can contain zero to many Objects and the query does not know which one you want to show in the result list.

          Most customers tend to show the last entered Object into the collection. Which can be done by adding a reference to the queried object pointing to the last enterer entry in the collection via calculation.

          See Calculation Writing Tutorial - 4.  Working with Collections and Loops



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