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    Query filter truncates category entries



      Is there any possibilty to change the size of the dropdown menu of a query filter?

      Unfortunately the categories are truncated.


      Many thanks in advance.


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          Senta SupportEmployee

          Hello BentWolff,


          the best answer is "jain" you can't fully control it, but you can massage it at bit.


          The width of the dropdown is determined on the top level categories. The Longer the names of the Top level categories are, the more width is been added to the drop list.

          Sub categories are not considered in the determination of the width.


          So you you add an Service Category of e.g.


          so that this is been at the end of the list and extents the width of the drop down.


          You could also great an enhancement request for this in our Idea Portal, so that future version considered subcategories as well.

          Service Desk-ER



          Ivanti Support

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            Hi Senta,


            thank you for your quick response.


            I've extended the names of the top level categories.


            Works fine for me.


            Best regards