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    Win10 Quick Access vs Win7 Explorer Favorites (Links)

    Roger1 Specialist

      With the move to Windows 10, I came to the realization that the new Quick Access area is nothing like Links.  I had a grand scheme in the works to move most mapped drives to C:\users\<username>\links but with this disappointing discovery I have to now re-think my strategy. 


      Has anyone else come up against this and maybe mapped a clear work-around?  Is Quick Access the best solution? Or should I look at a different location like dropping Links under This PC?  I am very interested to hear how you tackled it in your organization. 


      My rough plan/idea for adding Links to Quick Access:

      Upon first logon to a Windows 10 box, check for %AppSenseRedirections%\Links and if it doesn't exist copy the WSG personalized links to it.

      Create a custom action to run the PowerShell script below to create the Quick Access pinned item to %AppSenseRedirections%\Links in the Desktop Created trigger. (Win10 non-persistent VDIs)


      *I will not personalize the QA database due to the possibility of a check at every logon (and rumored corruption from Internet posts).  The resource check was the problem with personalizing mapped drives between environments with limited node access (and why I wanted to move to links). 


      The "Pinned Items Action" in EM doesn't have an option to pin to Quick access (10.1 FR2).  I found a PowerShell script that will do this. 

      winapi - Is it possible programmatically add folders to the Windows 10 Quick Access panel in the explorer window? - Stac…

      $o = new-object -com shell.application



      Win10 Quick Access:

      Items are stored in a database

      If the name of the pinned item is changed, it also changes the real item

      Keeps history (if enabled)

      I suspect this makes a connection like a mapped drive because if the item isn't there, it won't show up in the list.  One prime reason to get away from mapped drives.  I have not confirmed this, however.

      Win7 Favorites:

      Easily amendable as they are simply shortcuts in the links folder

      True shortcuts that can be named descriptively

      No connections or enumeration so if a resource isn't available, it will not slow down the logon (ex. in Citrix)