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    Windows 10 PC Settings elevation

    Shaker.IT Rookie

      How does Application Control handle Windows 10 PC Settings?


      A specific scenario.  For whatever reason, some of our Windows 10 users cannot change their timezone.  The option is greyed out.  I have added the Privilege to our users to run Date & Time Component.  If they go through the Control Panel it works, if they go through PC Settings (or right clicking the time in the lower right corner) they cannot change the time zone, still greyed out.


      I'm not looking to solve this specific issue, since we found some registry entries that help.


      My observation seems to point to Application Control not elevating PC Settings "Components" like it does for Control Panel.  Is this true?  Is there another way to elevate these?  I know you can run Settings from the command line via "start ms-settings:..."  Is the current practice to elevation this way, and will it work?  Assuming worst, is there a plan to add a comparable function to the Control Panel Component escalation?