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    How to cascade linked CIs to related Incidents?

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      When I link a CI to a master Incident, I would like it to also link against the related Incidents.

      In an attempt to achieve this, I have a triggered action which runs on link, against the IncidentAssociatesCI relationship. This triggers a 'Run for Child' using the IncidentAssocChildIncident relationship which then runs a 'Search and Link':

      When the above runs, it links a load (~137) of CI records to the related Incident(s). If I run a custom search against the CI BO using a specific RecID, it works fine. It also works fine if I use said RecID in the Search and Link action above. As such, this seems to a problem with using [Incident#.MasterIncident]RecID - I did note this was not available in the toolbox window.


      Is there any way I can retrieve the relevant RecID I am after to allow this to work, or a more efficient way to link the CI(s)?

      Apologies if this is obvious and caused by my stupidity (undoubtedly is!) I think I may be misunderstanding how part, or all, of this works.




      EDIT: This also does not work when using $(MasterIncidentLink), $(ToString(MasterIncidentLink)) or $([link:MasterIncidentLink]RecId). I also tried $([link:MasterIncidentLink]IncidentNumber), replacing the RecId condition in the Search and Link above with IncidentNumber.

      Similarly, adding these values on to the form displays the RecId and using said RecId in the Search and Link works fine. Perhaps the Search and Link only takes fixed values?


      EDIT 2: It appears the search and link ignores the RecId parameter completely; running an advanced search in the CI workspace without the "RecId == ..." displays ~138 records. Yet as mentioned previously this works when using a specific RecId/Incident Number -_-

      Why is it unable to resolve the RecId from the field?