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    column in list is conditionally blank

    Donna Apprentice

      What I need to know is how to populate the Approval With only when the change.status is equal to

      Pending Approval and that the field updates as the approvals move forward through the three people

      that approve it.  In any other status but Pending Approval  Approval With should be blank.


      When the change is in a Status of Pending Approval, one of three different approvers (each from a separate approval ) may be in Pending (Approval).

      These are sequential approvals. Rather than opening the Change during the CAB. They want to be able to see in the list view.


      This is what I am trying to achieve – conditional formatting for the status :

      Status field formatting ... (this works)

      $(if Status == "Scheduled” then "ChangeScheduled" else if Status == "Pending Approval" then "PendingApproval" else "NormalBold")

      Approval With ???


      Chg No.


      Approval With


      Start Date


      Pending Approval

      John Smith




      Pending Approval

      Mary Jones














      Change field Approval With is actually looking at [FRS_ApprovalVoteTracking#.FRS_ApprovalVoteTrackingAssocChange]Owner


      Any thoughts?

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          AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

          3 Options off the top of my head to play with:


          1. A business rule to update a field value on the change record to show he current approver or blank if not required
          2. The really lazy option how about doing white text on a white background using style rules...if its just for display purposes.


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            Donna Apprentice

            I thought of the whiteonwhite option but you can see the value if you select the record.


            as the business rule - I don't think I have the logic quite right as it is supposed to change
            as it moves through the approvers and then goes blank when not in the status.

            at the moment I'd be happy if it just moved through the approvers

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              AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

              Here is a quick action which will grab all the approvers from pending approvals so you can put them in a field.  You can call the quick action either on an update of the change record or use run for child so when the FRS_ApporvalVoteTracking object updates it runs for child to the FRS_Approval object which in turn runs for Child to run the update quick Action on the change Object.


                    $(OwnerFullName + " "), 
                    $(Status == "Pending"))), 
                $(Status == "Pending")))