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    New Hire with a Specific Dept Director as First Approval

    DLAnham2017 Rookie

      We are building a type of service request that will be a new hire request and want to understand a few things better, if someone could help.

      In the Approval Process, we wanted a "Department Director" as a First Approver instead of a direct “Line Manager”. (The future hire’s direct supervisor.) The Department Director if created as a group would have multiple persons who would be the lead person per every DEPT Head.


      As the process is now, the line manager is a single selection. What would be the best way to insert a Department Director?


      How could we assign a specific person from a specific group to be notified for this approval rather than sort through an entire list of end users?


      Also, I created a “Dept Director” Group, why doesn’t it show in the CI Catalog drop down list as an option. I probably missed something silly…