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    Remove all patches and download them again




      When we try to download patches a lot of patches won't be downloaded because the hash doesn't match the host. Because there are so many of them and al the patches already take a lot of space I want to remove all the patches ad download them again. Is this possible and how to do this?

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          To delete the actual patches just go delete the files from wherever you store them (by default it's \Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\ldlogon\patch).  To delete the definitions go to Security and Patch Manager and choose the option to Purge definitions.  It looks like a flame.  You have to select what you want purged.  Most definitions are Language Neutral, so don't forget to select that option in the languages.

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            The suggestion worked. Now I'm downloading all patches again but I receive a lot of errors like:

            1. Failed to download file AcrobatReaderUpd812_SU1_all.msi
            The LANDesk server ardownload.adobe.com refused access.  Ensure that your subscription license is valid and has not expired.

            2.Hash for patch IE7-WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB947864-x64-ENU.exe does not match with host. Discarding.

            3. Failed to download file IE6.0-KB834707-WindowsXP-x86-NLD.exe

            Connection to http://download.microsoft.com/download/6/f/8/6f813471-64e1-42b5-9a16-731417076318/IE6.0-KB834707-WindowsXP-x86-NLD.exe failed. The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.


            It only downloaded 292 files out of 8000 or so. Especially the hash error occurs often. Can this be a proxy cache problem or is it something else?


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              LANDave SupportEmployee

              Yes, this is very likely a proxy cache issue.


              Do you have a proxy server or an internet caching appliance the server is going through?


              We recommend allowing the core server to bypass these proxies or caching appliances.