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    Computer Health Dashboard Incorrect - How to reset

    ehwlg Rookie

      Hello all,


      When we first implemented we didn't make much use of the Alert system. I am attempting to set it up correctly so it can be used, but I am running into an issue.


      We have cleared out all our old alerts so we could "start fresh" and will be pushing new alert settings to all machines. However, we still have a large amount of machines that are reporting their health is "Critical" despite there being no alerts for them, and their health not being actually critical.


      For example, the machine at some point may have reported that it was low on HDD space, but it is no longer low on HDD space, but the inventory data for it still has a Health status set to "4,"


      Is there a way to reset the health status of a machine manually? Or do I have to have our DBA update them all to Health Status of "2" to reset this. There are no alerts to "acknowledge" or anything for the device in order to clear the alert.