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    Core Scan Processor High CPU Utilization

    cpederson Rookie

      We are having issues whenver an agent initiates a Full System Inventory Scan in LDMC on multiple computers. The "Core Scan Processor", specifically Managed Planet Core Scan Processor is eating up to 96% of CPU and holding steady.


      When this happens we cannot push jobs, or image machines (they just count up to 40 trying to download the template). Once the process finishes and CPU utilization drops down to normal levels of 10% or less, everything starts working again.


      What could be the cause of this taking so long, and using so much CPU? Is there something we can do on the server to prevent it from taking up so many resources and causing Provisioning to stop working while its updating the databases?


      We are running LDMC 2016 V - Service Update 5

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          LANDeskWizard SSMMVPGroup

          A little background info may help. How many Full Inventory Scans are you trying to execute at a time? How many Active rules do you have under Data Translation Services? How many threads do you have set for Core Scan Processor? Thread count can be found in the registry under HKLM\Software\Managed Planet\Core


          Also, what are the specs for your core and DB?

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            Try checking here to see if there's a bunch of rules:




            The Core Scan Processor is responsible for processing .MP files and running active rules against them, then re-writing them as .SCN files for the inventory service to process. It can see immense CPU usage when you have a lot of active rules there, especially if a lot of them are Calculate Data rules (they have a red plus sign in their icon).


            Also, MPCore uses 10 threads by default, so a Core with very few CPU cores may see higher CPU usage than normal on that end. You can edit the threads used by editing the regkey below:


            HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Managed Planet\Core - DWORD: ThreadCount

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