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    Use of the "Join" workflow block in a loop

    lgtandi Apprentice

      Does anybody has successfully used the "Join" workflow block in a loop?


      Within an request offering I have designed a workflow with two "pathes" into a "Join" block. After the join follows an "If" block. If the "true" exit is used, the workflow is completed, but if the "false" exit is used, then the workflow returns to another workflow block from which the "Join" block is reached finally again.


      Now, on the first iteration everything works as expected, i.e. the "Join" block waits until input on both connected input pathes has been received. But on the next iteration (if required) the "Join" block is already left if input is received on either of the input pathes, i.e. it does not wait until input on both pathes is received again.


      Does anybody have an idea how to solve this problem?


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