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    management_log size issue

    lastmj Apprentice

      Hello all


      What are the recommendations for size management on the management_log and personalization_log files please?


      We have been running live for 10 months and they are getting quite sizeable. I would rather manage the log files efficiently than stretch disks etc.!


      Thanks in advance.

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          Landon Winburn ITSMMVPGroup

          Two options:


          The first is the easiest. Go to the properties of the database and then options. Change the recovery mode to simple. In doing so you can only restore to the point in time that a backup has been taken and the logs will not grow over time.


          The second is to setup a maintenance plan on the database to back it up regularly. When set to full recovery you can restore your database to any point in time from the last backup until "now". Usually this is a overkill for the AMC but to truncate the logs you would do a full backup once a day or weekly and then do transactional backups every hour or every other hour depending on how busy the database is and how fast the transaction logs grow. Optionally you can setup incremental backups where you do a weekly full, daily incremental, and hourly transactional.



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            lastmj Apprentice

            Hi Landon


            Thanks for your reply.


            Regarding option 1, our backup is already set to simple. Is there any other action that can be taken on this option?