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    Hidden Fields in Workspace

    John Haddad Expert

      Hi Community hero's,


      i have calculated fields and it's set to hidden from web access ,

      when i open web desk every thing is fine and they are hidden , but from work space i can see the checkbox not hidden !



      i'm using 2016.3 version 

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          I am unable to replicate this on 2016.3-2017.1.  I am also not seeing any currently logged defects surrounding this.  However, perhaps a little more discovery is needed.


          What exactly is your calculation doing and why?  What type of calculation is it?  And, can you share the calc with us?


          Is there also a dynamic window calculation at play, showing/hiding fields in this scenario?


          Can you try temporarily removing the calculations you have in place to rule them out as a cause?


          Thanks for your post. 

          -Pete Vel

          Support Engineer

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            John Haddad Expert

            Hi Pete ,

            i'm not using calculation to hide these fields , just ( Show on WebAccess ) is set to false ,

            yes i have another dynamic fields , and they are hiding with no issues

            have a default value set to false ,,
            try to give it default value and hide

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              John Haddad Expert

              There was another calculations using this fields which make it show and not hidden .