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    Workflow question

    Maggie Rookie

      Workflow question: I have a text field on my form for user to enter the email address of the approver (can be anyone). I created a Get Approval block and use that email field to send Service Request Approval Notification.

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          AnthonyDowns Specialist

          I'm not quite sure what your asking, but it sounds like you want to send the approval to email provided?


          You can just select name of your field inside of the approval block. This is the name of the label for the field and not the actual name.

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            Maggie Rookie

            Yes if I use an email field from BO. I was trying to use a free text field for requestor to enter whatever email address and send approval request to that person's email.  I guess I have to use the email from BO.

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              AnthonyDowns Specialist

              That option on the approval block allows to select fields from the ServiceReq BO or fields on the Request Offering. For instance, in that example i'm sending an approval to what email address the user enters. I believe the approver would need a contact setup within Heat before the approval would send though.


              I changed the free text field to "Email Text Box" and added a drop down box.


              On the approval block you see the request offering fields first, then the BO fields are separated by a space.