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    Service catalogue automation

    DanJones Apprentice

      what is require to automate software installs through service desk? We have service desk 2017.1 and uem is it still a requirement to have lpm/alm in between the two systems?

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          andreas.lindner Expert



          it is thinkable that you can achieve the automated software installation without LPM/ALM between the systems, but you would need a deeper knowledge of the API UEM uses (actually I think there is a pretty good API documentation somewhere in the community or in the help files, I just don't have the URL at the ready). As you might know, Service Desk is capable of handling outgoing SOAP calls when creating a new item in a collection. So basically you can potentially use every tool that is capable of processing SOAP calls to automate your software delivery.


          But using Service Desk, ALM and UEM, almost every action and function does already exist in the out of the box DBs. You can save yourselves some time if you want to use the built in content.


          There are some articles in connection with the Request Management and Service Catalog that will describe the delivery process in more detail. Just have a look around and let us know if you have any other question!




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            Senta SupportEmployee

            Hello DanJones,


            all depends on the "depth" of the integration.

            Should your goal just to send "on-the-fly" packages to a CI, or as manual part of a process, then this can be achieved with the Desktop Integration part of Web Access.

            See our documentation here.


            Another option is to integrate the two systems into one workspace. Now EPM users would see the EPM tools alongside with the SD tools and can switch between both without to change the Interface.


            The next higher level then would be to automated the package installation within a process. Here you need to add EPM as a web service as andreas.lindner mentioned.


            The Documentation for the EPMs Functions go to http://<core>/MBSDKService/MsgSDK.asmx or contact support for EPM.



            Ivanti Support

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