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    Conditional Provisioning with Bare Metal Devices

    1EarEngineer Specialist

      I'm looking to utilize Conditional Provisioning based off Manufacturer for Bare Metal devices while in WinPE. Has anyone gotten this to work? I suppose I could use VBScript/WMI to handle this, but was hoping to take advantage of the built in actions. For devices that are already inventoried and in the core, this isn't an issue.


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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          You could try and run a full(-er) inventory scan within WinPE and see what that gets you back. Once that populates the data, you can do a real-time look-up as you desire (instead of having to do a "If Manufactuer = X do Y") inside a script.


          How much of a faff that is to go through though, not sure (not had to play with that for a while -- and you can try an agent-less inventory scan with the info from this article here -- How to run Inventory Scanner on devices with no LDMS agent (Performing an Agentless Scan) ). Essentially it will guide you to this link -- How to Run Inventory Scanner on Devices Without an Agent -- which gives you something to play with.


          There's a few gotchas with that though:

          • I'd strongly recommend ensuring that you've got "restore old device ID" enabled ... though that may take 1-2 scans to "grip" on the client ... as otherwise you'll end up causing duplicate records. (The mini-scans during provisioning don't have / create a unique-id, so we marry those on MAC address alone ... a full scan will have a full device ID, which could cause issues potentially).
          • So it's not something without risks. And you MAY run into different scenarios with "already inventoried" devices (as those will have a DIFFERENT device ID initially) versus bare-metal entries (as those DON'T have a device ID of their own just yet).
          • WinPE itself may throw surprises at you.
          • Bear in mind that security settings / client-certificates MAY start playing a role as well.


          So just to be clear - I'm giving you a few tools to play with here. Not saying it'll work "flat out".


          However, you *CAN* also try & cheat and JUST use specific data. You can use the data in this article -- About command line switches to launch a miniscan and send additional data -- (along with the "file-based scanner" article above to script a single "line of inventory data" potentially to populate *JUST* the Manufacturer field for you (again - the "uniqueID" stuff may trip you up).


          Gives you a few things to play about with & experiment with at any rate .

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            1EarEngineer Specialist

                phoffmann - as always, bailing me out in the clutch. Working on this now. Thanks a million. Thinking of going to last route and sending in some additional data

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              Just to repeat - that's a hypothetical "could / might work" type affair. Though - other than the Unique ID problem, I can't think of anything else going horribly awry.


              You can thank me if (/once?) you get it working. I'm making you do the heay lifting after all . (That said, I do hope it'll work out for what you need it to do ).