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    Mac Provisioning Questions

    jerrod Apprentice

      I have a few questions and problems with Mac provisioning. We are currently using LD 2016.3 SU3. Our NetBoot image is based on macOS 10.12.6.


      1. Do preferred servers work with Mac provisioning, or do I need a separate template for each of our locations?

      2. Does NetBoot work with preferred servers? We have our NBI hosted on our source preferred server which is defined in "Mac Netboot Image Mappings". This is replicated to our preferred servers at each location with a matching HTTP share. NetBoot seems very slow at all locations, almost like it's downloading over the WAN.

      3. Is there a way to prevent the NBI from going to sleep? It might just be the display that's going to sleep. Sometimes when it goes to sleep, it will hang on the agent install and only finish after it's been woken up.

      4. We have our building techs assigned to a specific device scope. When they go to image a new Mac out of the box, it will schedule the template in the console, but never run on the Mac. The only way we've found around this is to have them refresh the scope after the device is booted into NetBoot, then choose the template. Is this expected behavior, or is there something I need to add to their device scope to allow them to "see" new Mac devices? It doesn't happen with new Windows devices.


      I think that's all... thanks for any help you can provide!

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          Burger Rookie

          After you boot your mac holding the option key to select your netboot server, hold Command + V and select the netboot option, this will show you the verbose output and you can see the redirect path. This will tell you if it's pointing to your local Preferred Server or your external host.