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    Can I link an object to a request offering when selecting it in parameters ? -->Subquestion, can I link an incoming mail to said linked object?

    JBraum Rookie

      Hi all,


      So in essence I have a new CI group extension object which I would like to use to import all the FLEET related stuff. (CI.Vehicle)
      For this purpose I have created a few request offerings, teams, roles, business rules.




      I would like to link an object that I first select in the parameters of my service request directly to the service request. (the vehicle itself)
      Afterwards I send out an e-mail asking the customer to reply on this mail when they have feedback regarding the subject (for example Technical Check-up at the garage).
      Once they mail back on this e-mail it should be picked up by a listener (which I already created in the form of a functional mailbox with all the necessary transport rules on all our inboxes) and attach his/her e-mail to the activity history of the CI previously selected in the service request.


      Ideally it should filter inside the mail and only automatically add the attachment included inside the mail reply but that might be a bit farfetched.


      Thanks in advance for any help or replies.