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    HEAT EMSS 8.5 disabling DAU system Task?

    DCogde Rookie

      Is there a way to find out why the DAU System Task disables? I need to know if it is automatically disabling, or if someone else with ADMIN privileges is disabling it. Is there a way to check in the logs for a user id disabling the DAU System Task?

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          The DAU System Task should show as disabled when no endpoints have been requested to run and are running a DAU.

          After the endpoint checks back in with the DAU results, the task should show up as per your screenshot.

          You can click into the task to see last run dates and whether the different machines were successful or not.

          When the task is active, selecting it does not make the DISABLE button clickable so it is not through this interface that any disabling would occur.


          I do not see an entry in the UPCCommon.dbo.AuditLog table for this activity so is likely a standard operation without user interaction.