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    Request Offering Help

    Maggie Apprentice

      I created a form (request offering) that needs 2 approvals. The approver can be any regular user, not analyst. The second approval is needed only if the first approver wants an additional approval by checking a checkbox field then providing the name/email of the 2nd approver. The form works fine for one approval. I am stuck on the second approval. How can I make it to work? Once the request is approved by Approver One, the fields are locked down. How can I make the fields available for the first approver?  I did make the form ". In order for Approver One to give additional information, he/she has to Edit the form. Then go back to my items to approve. Is there a way to incorporate all on the form?


      Workflow is:  Requestor to Approver One -  If Approver Two is not needed, Approver One will approve/deny the request, DONE.  If Approver One checks if Approver Two is needed, Approver One selects a name, Approver One approves the form. It should go to Approver Two.  Approver Two will approve/deny. DONE.


      Can the above be accomplished on one request form?


      Thank you!

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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          This sounds like something that should be possible but I'm not sure where in the system your first approver is inputting the data to specify a second approver.  Can you elaborate on that?

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            Maggie Apprentice

            I created 2 dropdown list fields on the form using a picklist I created to get employee information from the Employee table.  The first dropdown is for the requestor to select a name from the dropdown as his/her Approver One. A "Get Approval" workflow block is used to send an email notification to Approval One. Approver One (any user, not an analyst) click on the email link and opens the page with Approve or Deny buttons. Since the fields are locked, there is no way Approver One can enter additional information or select a 2nd approver name from another dropdown list after he/she approves. I checked "". But when the Edit Form button is clicked, you lose the Approve/Deny page. The 'Edit page' and the 'approval page' don't tie together.


            Is there a way for the First Approver to provide additional information before he/she approves or denies the request?


            Thanks so much.

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              Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

              There is a wait workflow block that you might be able to put in the workflow between the first approval completing and whatever you are using to evaluate if the second one is needed.  This might give the first approver an opportunity to go edit the offering "within the next 30 minutes" (or some timeframe you as you see fit) and adjust the Parameters on the SR that indicate the need of a second approver and whom that approver is.


              I'm uncertain though at this point if your approvers have this level of access.  If they are in a more generic self service role you might not be able to do this without knowing up front if the second approver is needed.

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                AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup
                1. Add a new button the self service Request request form that is show to the approval.  the button has a visibility rule set against the subject of the Service request
                2. It will only show for that service request (you can add an additional flag field to the SR record if you prefer to control it). 
                3. The button when pressed will fire a run the Service Request "Add Approver" quick action or a variant of it. 
                4. Once the approver is added the button can then be disabled.


                As Johnathan mentioned you probably want to add a wait block to the Service Request so the approve has 10 minutes to add the additional user but once a 2nd approver is added remove the button so it cannot be pressed repeatedly.


                I have this working in my test system missing a couple of the bells and whistles I would like to add for slick user experience but it works...I am not sure this would work with the new self service mobile interface.

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                  Maggie Apprentice

                  Thank you for your quick response. I am not sure that the Wait Workflow block (to delay the clock) would work for the first approver to select an additional approver on the same form.


                  @AlasdairRobertson  could you give more details on how to set the visibility rules? Your suggestion sounds interesting.

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                    AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

                    Instead of the wait workflow block the first approver just needs to have an opportunity to add a second approver before the workflow finishes, they could add the 2nd approver before completing their own approval component.


                    I just used a visibility rule on the button: $(Subject == "211Test")  my request offering was called "211Test" (must remember to use proper names next time testing in case people ask for the workings )



                    You could easily add a field to the ServiceReq object which is a request 2nd approver boolean field and once set when in the Request Offering workflow would enable the button.  it would be a neater option and also allow you to change the Request subject field as needed. 


                    Shout if you need any other bits, and just have a play in staging or a test environment to find the exact method that works for you.

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                      Maggie Apprentice

                      Sorry, I am quite new to the system.  I don't seem to be able to add a button in the SelfService Form (as shown in your screenshot). The Control Properties is empty on mine. Could you please give step by step instructions?

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                        AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

                        Follow the instructions below:


                        1. Open the AdminUI

                        2. Open the ServiceReq Business Object



                        3. Select the Forms tab

                        4. Open the ServiceReq.SelfSevice form

                        5. From the left hand form design menu scroll past the ServiceReq fields to the Other section

                        6. Select a Command Button and drag it to your form



                        7. Set the following Control settings:

                             a. Action: Add Approver

                             b. Visible Expression: $(Subject == "Request Offering Name")


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                          Maggie Apprentice

                          Thank you so much for your detailed instructions and sorry for the delayed reply. I was able to follow the instructions up to #7. In the Action value, I don't seem to have the "Add Approver" in the dropdown list.  Please see image: