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    ImageW version


      We're on Landesk 2016 SU3 (UEM).  We use the TBI format to make our images and the one that comes with Landesk is version 2.90 and outdated.   There are useful switches in the newer versions of ImageW.exe and their current version is 3.11.  In 3.03, the /CD switch was introduced to allow restoring to smaller drives than the one captured from.  Does anyone know if Ivanti will update the ImageW version?




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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          I'll poke "Mr/Mrs Provisioning" on the subject & shall let you know if I hear back (they are likely buried under all manner of 2017-related updates stuff atm though).

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            carlos Expert

            I imagine (no pun intended ) that you can use any version of ImageW, just switch it in the source.


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              I tried an eval version but it didn't work.  It was prompting me to buy and the continue button was greyed out.

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                adamj777 Apprentice

                Just chiming in on this one. Would be very nice to see an update. The /cd switch would be very useful to us as well! Has there been any effort to upgrade the utility over the past year? Thanks!

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                  carlos Expert

                  ImageW seems to be a third party app TeraByte Unlimited :: Boot Manager :: Partition Manager :: Drive Image :: Disk Copy :: Drive Wipe :: Hard Drive Utilitie… that Ivanti uses.

                  You can try Imagex.exe maybe?

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                    adamj777 Apprentice

                    Yes, that is correct. It is bundled into the LANDesk package but it is dreadfully outdated. Though it is a 3rd party tool, it is actively promoted by Ivanti and still included as a feature of their software. So, Ivanti should continue to maintain it as long as they continue to use it, no?


                    As an aside: We would certainly prefer to use ImageX but, for some reason, ImageX does not work the same way in LANDesk Provisioning as it does on its own. We spent a lot of time recreating all of our images in the WIM format. Using Microsoft's tools, all of these images test well. LANDesk, however, refuses to apply the images correctly. No one at LANDesk could explain what LANDesk did differently such that these WIMs could be applied with Microsoft's DISM but not from within a LANDesk Provisioning Template. So, we have been forced to use LANDesk's OTHER tool, ImageW.exe to create binary images instead. That's how we got where we are now. We are essentially forced to use this tool rather than ImageX. And the tool is now outdated.

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                      carlos Expert

                      If support can't get you an updated version (via their agreement with TeraByte) then you are out of luck.



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                        phoffmann SupportEmployee

                        I'm still mildly confused by your statement about not being able to use your WIM's.


                        We didn't do anything fancy with regards to DISM (to my knowledge). Feel free to check out the specific version of DISM in our PE-image versus what you used to build your image-files & slap that into the PE image (AFTER BACKING IT UP) as a test.


                        We had to customise a bunch of things around PXE-booting obviously - but there's no reason we'd fiddle specifically with DISM.EXE ...?

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                          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                          Agree with phoffman here. We haven't really seen any instances where we haven't been able to deliver a WIM using provisioning. As WIM is by far the most common format now it doesn't surprise me if Ivanti aren't opting for later versions of the ImageW tool since for most people now it isn't necessary. While that is investigated, is it worth revisiting the issues you were having with WIMs?


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