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    RS507 bluetooth scanner locking up


      I am using a Zebra WT41N0 and a RS507 bluetooth scanner, I am also using a TE applications and an AS400 has the host. The issue that I am having is that the user will be working and moving along just fine, they scan a barcode and then nothing happens, the scanner will not product a beam. When I remove and reinsert the battery I get the start up LED's and then it goes back to doing nothing. The only way to fix it is to have the user log out and then reboot the terminal and pair it again. Also the user will be working and the pairing barcode will pop up for unknown reason and asked to be paired again. I tested it with a fully charged battery and it happened to be. I put the scanner in pick list mode and enabled the low battery warnings but I did not get any warnings about battery getting low. Are there any ideas of what could be happening? Thanks