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    Tasks - Ordering/Ranking - by user defined order, not by title nor Task#

    MarkLarvo Specialist

      Looking for ideas how you may have addressed this situation:


      A Change is created and Tasks are added:


      Task 123 - Download the patches

      Task 127 - upgrade the server

      Task 139 - update CI information


      During the project other items are added, let's add another task to reboot the server.


      Task 140 - Reboot the server


      I want Task 140 to be the 2nd item in the list.


      With existing fields we can sort by Task # or Title. To use Title successfully we would need edit each task title and put a number in front of it. If you have 20 tasks and want to add an item at number two that's a lot of editing.


      Any clever solutions out there?


      I've addressed something similar in another system to rank personnel by creating a rank field: (People were ranked based on year of graduation, length of time hired and partner status)

      A procedure ran, counted the number of people, and assigned a rank number that was incremented in 5's.

      person 1, rank 5

      person 2, rank 10

      person 3, rank 15


      A new employee could be inserted in between temporarily using a number in between:

      person 4, rank 6


      The procedure was then re-run to increment the numbering scheme back to 5's. (I could see using 1, 1.1, 1.2 and then renumbering to 1,2,3 so the boss has something pretty and organized to look at.)


      Is this something I could plug into a Quick Action button?



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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          I think you could accomplish this through some intensive design with a lot of workflows or triggers that manually compute the math and enter the right values where needed but it would be cumbersome to say the least.  It sounds like a great concept though so you might think about pitching this as an idea to Product Management as a feature for a future release.  More details on how to submit such a request are below:




          The functionality that you are looking for is not currently available in the product.  Our product management teams are always looking for new ideas to help us improve our products and we know the best ideas come from customers that use our products every day.


          We would therefore encourage that you consider submitting a suggestion in our Feature Request portal via the Ivanti Community Ideas homepage


          You can submit ideas and show support for ideas that other customers have submitted by voting for them. The more votes an idea receives, the more visibility it receives with our Product Management team. The Product Management team will evaluate all ideas that reach a voted point threshold. When there is an update on the status, an Ivanti product manager will reply to the idea or update the status so that all interested parties are notified. It is therefore key that you as a customer raise new or vote on exiting ideas to be kept looped in with future progress.


          When you create an idea, please describe both the problem or pain you're experiencing as well as your suggested solution to that problem. It can also be useful to describe specifically how you would use the new feature if it were built, as well as how you are dealing with the problem today. The better your explanation and logic, the better your chances of attracting positive votes from other users and ensuring a response from Product Management.

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