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    Installing an Addin for Outlook 365

    GJHorn Specialist

      I am trying to install an addin to Outlook. If I package up the software, is there a way to ensure that Outlook is closed/quit before sending the software distribution package down?

      Do I enforce the Outlook.exe in a PowerShell script or a VB script?


      I'm running IEM 2017.1.



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          You usually want to wrap such things in a check / enforce type thing killing off applications.


          And/Or you can use vulscan to do the same thing (it's the same shenanigans we need to go through for Flash updates, killing off browsers, for instance).


          And you can use whatever you prefer to script with - we're not going to tie you down. Run with what you're more familiar, is usually my default advice.


          NOTE - it also helps communicating stuff out to users. Doing it out of hours helps too. As does a warning that "we WILL hard-close any open processes - so please save your work before leaving" or some such. Some of it may stick (there's always "those special needs" guys who are immune to communications & such of course). But yeah - managing your users tends to be a big help on this (as this stuff is more of a "process / people" problem rather than a technical one. ).

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            GJHorn Specialist

            Sounds great. Thanks.