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    How do I add an Email Signature

    RyanW Apprentice

      I had thought to include an HTML field on the Employee table, and then create an initialization rule to insert that field into the EmailBody.  The trouble is that it doesn't work.


      Use case: I would like to open an existing ticket.  In the journal section, click Create - Email.  When I do so, I would like my signature to be pre-populated.  I would like to to work for replies and forwards as well.

      However, if there is another way to tackle this issue, I'm open to that.  For example, if there is some way to take the default Outlook email signature, that would be even better.




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          TomTheiler Apprentice

          The only thing I know is via Initialization Rule in BO Journal#Email like in the screenshot below. With a bit HTML code you can also include pictures. of course you can autopopulate Name, Phone Number etc.


          I had that in use before we switched to add the signature on the Exchange Server when the email leaves the company.



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            Hi Ryan,


            Here you can see how I added email signatures (can be duplicated to add email templates too) to our environment.


            Of course, in there you can add a rule to make a specific signature the default if that is what you want, in our case we wanted people to actively select the signature as in most cases the idea is to have the clients deal with "the Service Centre" instead of an individual.


            If you have any question let me know.