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    How to include a link back to a ticket

    James.C Rookie

      Hi everyone,


      I am trying to follow the Admin Help directions on Accessing a Record from Notification Emails, but I'm not having any luck.


      The directions state that the syntax is <a href="$(Server_URL())/?Scope=ObjectWorkspace&CommandId=Search&ObjectType=Change%23&CommandData=RecId,%3D,0,$([FRS_Approval#.][Change#.]RecId),string,AND|#">



      • Server_URL is the function name
      • Scope=ObjectWorkspace is the access the specified object workspace from the HEAT Service Management web client.
      • CommandId=Search specifies to search for the specific record in the object workspace.
      • ObjectType=business_object is the name of the business object in which to search for the record (for example, Change#). Notice in the example URL, the presence of %23, which corresponds in hexadecimal to the "#" character in ASCII.
      • CommandData=RecId,%3D,0,$([FRS_Approval#.][Change#.]RecId),string,AND|# searches for the record.


      I'm trying to add a link back to ticket#15042 (or any ticket) in Incident and tried the following syntax without much success :


      <a href="$(Server_URL())/?Scope=ObjectWorkspace&CommandId=15042&ObjectType=Incident%23&CommandData=RecId,%3D,0,$([Incidentl#.],string,AND|#">


      Any guidance is much appreciated.  Thanks.