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    Problems with publishing dashboards @ Workspaces

    ToQuentin Rookie



      I cannot give analysts more than one dashboard on workspaces. To show you my problem I created a testuser. I gave him two supportgroups. In workspaces there are one dashboard per supportgroup: "FM-Services" and "FM-Standortpflege".

      In workspaces the testuser see only "FM-Services"


      Can you tell me why?


      2017-09-29 07_29_26-Administration - Ivanti Console.png 2017-09-29 07_29_59-Dashboards verwalten _ Ivanti.png 2017-09-29 07_30_26-Dashboards verwalten _ Ivanti.png


      2017-09-29 07_30_53-Dashboards verwalten _ Ivanti.png  2017-09-29 07_37_45-Dashboard _ Ivanti.png