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    Knowledge Articles to Automatically Expire


      Hello all,

      I am struggling to set KB articles to hide (Expired) based on the Expiration Date. Any suggestions?

      Example: An article is published today with an expiration date of Thursday (Oct. 5th 2017); the article status should automatically change to 'Expired' on Oct. 5th 2017


      Thanks in advance


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          Removed as it is not a good answer... just check Alasdair's reply...


          For context: I recommended creating a workflow for the Knowledge that would run on creation and look for the "Expiration date" to update the Status.

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            AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

            I would not run this on every knowledge article as it not the most efficient approach and you could have workflows running for months/years potentially. 


            Use a similar principle but run the workflow as a scheduled job using a run for search action.  Search for the Knowledge articles which are going to expire in x number of days with a saved search and execute a quick action on the result.


            Link to the help section on run for search: HEAT Service Management Online Help


            To setup:

            1. Add a new saved search to the Knowledge object you wish to control (or FRS_Knowledge to effect all articles)
            2. Add a quick action for the updates you wish to perform, expire article, archive send an email alert etc.
            3. Add a new workflow to the Schedule Entry object
            4. Add start/Stop and the run for search command block
            5. Set the block with your ssaved search and the quick action to run
            6. Add a daily schedule to run against...it can be run every few minutes if needed but once a day provably covers knowledge articles.
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              Daniel, Alasdair,

              Thank you guys so much your for your help. I implemented Alasdair's suggested solution in Staging - it worked flawlessly!!


              PS - I forgot to mention, I have HEAT ITSM on-prem, version 2015.2.2000.13866. Note: Minor adjustment had to be done to get it to work!