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    Landesk Remote Control window that doesn't disappear

    colite Rookie

      Good morning,


      A user of our company has reported that an anoying pop-up window appears everytime and although he tries to kill the process in the Task Manager, it persists.




      We don't know if there is any problem with his agent or his computer has some kind of misconfiguration because all other users (more than 7,000) don't have this problem.


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          jaysmith SupportEmployee

          That UI appears when the remote control icon in the system tray is double-clicked.  It's pretty strange that it's popping up on it's own.  Because it's only happening on one computer, it's likely to be a problem with the agent on that computer or the PC itself.  As a first step I'd recommend running uninstallwinclient.exe with a /forceclean switch on that computer, and then doing a new agent install.  Let us know if the issue persists after that.