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    Distribution Package End User Notifications - Distribution and Patch Build


      Good Evening all,


      I wonder if anyone could help with a quick inquiry ... hopefully.


      I shall apologies, I'm not only new to this site and discussion, I am also a rather new LANDesk Administrator in my organisation having only shadowed previous Administrators before their departure. But was deemed okay for the role / to help out **cringe .. I know**.


      IEM 2017 V




      I have been attempting to compile a Software Bundle for the Deployment of Office 2016 in our Organisation, whilst removing any previous installations of Office and including the recommended reboot in between and then afterwards. 


      I have it working is the good news, using two batch files.


      By: Running a Batch file (run Offscrub and run uninstall string), reboot (using the new Package Bundle Inter Package action), batch file to silent mount iso, install, run config file and then another reboot (again using Inter Package action).


      I realize people will all have different opinions, but this is what was done in crude terms before so I have simply copied and updated.


      However, now the problem.


      I have built a Agent Setting with Distribution and Patch set up for informing the user and allowing a deferral, but despite toggling the  Progress Options , I'm unable to get any sort of Notification that the task is still running after the first Reboot and Whilst it's Installing 2016, even the System Try icon appears to disappear and as a result the next instant the user knows it's running is when the Reboot appears.


      Is there anyway I can achieve this? or anything similar?



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          jaysmith SupportEmployee

          Package bundles are setup to prompt once per task, not once per package.  However there are a couple things you could do.  To stay closely aligned with your current method, you could modify your prompt and state that the device will reboot twice over the next half hour (for example).  Although some users may not read the prompt that closely.  You could also modify your script such that it pops up a window and notifies the user that an install is still in progress, and warns them of an impending reboot.  Off the top of my head the scripting commands don't come to mind but I'm sure someone has worked this out on google.  You may need to use a vbs or other script type.


          Another option is to change up your deployment methodology considerably.  Using the Office Customization Tool you can specify an option to remove old versions.  Here is some info on that:


          Office Customization Tool (OCT) Help: Remove previous installations


          With this tool you can execute setup.exe /admin and step through the entire install while making configuration choices including whether to remove old versions.  You will end up with a config file and you can deploy office in one package, instead of multiple packages in a bundle. 


          Another option is to use a provisioning template.  You can separate your bundle into individual packages, and then configure multiple template actions, one for each package.  The provisioning GUI will be on-screen the entire time, and will reappear after a reboot. 

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            Hi Jay


            Thanks for coming back to me! Funnily enough people not reading is exactly what management want to try and avoid so I like the idea of a in progress pop up box .. I shall look into that!


            However, I hadn't thought about Provisioning templates at all so that is indeed worth some investigating.


            Thanks again!

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