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    How to get the time remaining for the Incident Response / Resolution target to breach in a field.

    Lafouine Specialist

      Hi all,


      I am trying to display the Incident Response and Resolution target on the Incident form in a different way. See screenshot below of what I am trying to achieve:



      Instead of using the Response Target or the Progress bar controls to display the various Response / Resolution targets and colors, I want to have one part which displays the various Response / Resolution target colors (this part I can do it) and the other part which will display the time remaining for the various Incident Response / Resolution target to breach (this is the part I am not sure how to do).


      I have checked the control properties of the Response Target as well as that of the Progress bar (Color bar indicator) used for the Response and Resolution target but it looks like the part that displays the time remaining before the response or resolution target breaches as shown below is automatically calculated by these controls:



      I have checked the various functions which might get this information but didn't see any. Maybe there is one which I missed out?


      I also checked the various fields in the data escalation watch object but I did not see any field which stores this information.


      Is there a possibility of getting the above information in a field in Incident?


      Thank you.