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    TE SSH login with GSW UTS Saved Sessions

    FFJosh Rookie



      We're using WaveLink TE on MC92N0As with a GSW UTS server. We're populating the user name and password fields under SSH Settings so that the users aren't prompted for the logon credentials to the server. Once the user successfully connects to the server, they are prompted for their SAP credentials. However, we're utilizing the Saved Session feature with GSW. Because of this, if the user terminates the session from within TE, then connects again, TE isn't prompted by the server for the SSH credentials. As a result, TE is populating the SAP fields with the GSW credentials as it's the first user and password fields that it encounters.


      The only workaround I've found so far is to terminate the Saved Session from the GSW server but obviously this isn't satisfactory. Does anyone know of a way to prevent TE from populating the credential fields if it's a Saved Session that's being launched?