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    Link CIs from Incident to Change

    wynnb Specialist

      We noticed that when we link an Incident to a Change, any CIs linked to the Incident do not show linked in the Change as they do when you link a Problem to a Change (or Incident to Problem). A quick look showed that there is no rule to do this, so... add one - no problem.


      Well, when I created one modeled after the existing "Link CIs from Problem to Change" rule it throws an expression error. The triggered rule runs on link of the relationship "IncidentAssociatesChange, with a Search and Link action with the relationship "ChangeAssociatedCI", where the CI - [Incident#.]RecId is equal to $([OtherObject]RecId). However, that expression throws an error saying "[OtherObject] cannot be used in this kind of expression".


      Since this is exactly like the Problem to Change rule, I checked that one, and if I use the 'simplify' action on the expression I get the same error. Yet, it works - as does my new rule if I ignore the error and save it.


      Can anyone explain what's going on here? Why would the rule action work if the expression "cannot be used"?

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          Lafouine Specialist

          Hi Bryan,


          Not too sure why you are getting that error in your business rule. I tried this from my side and I was able to save my business rule without issues. See screenshots below of my business rule configurations:




          Just double check again the expression which you entered.


          If you still have the issue, please provide screenshots of your business rule.

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            wynnb Specialist

            Yes, as I said, I can save the rule, but if I open the expression editor in the action definition and use the Simplify button, it shows the error. My rule is exactly like yours.