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    Is it recomended to pre-install the agent in the image?


      Hi all


      Is it recomended to pre-install the Ivanti Agent on our Windows image and if yes, which steps are recommended after deploying the Windows machine? Thanks


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          1EarEngineer Specialist

          It is strongly recommended that the LANDESK agent not be included in an image.  The recommended way to install the LANDESK Agent with imaging is to use LANDesk Provisioning and include a Configure Agent action in your provisioning template.  Besides causing duplicate devices, the LANDESK agent is often updated and adding it to the image will quickly cause your image to be outdated.


          If you must include it in the image, see the following How to image devices with an Ivanti EPM Agent installed

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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            Perhaps to explain a bit more why including the agent on the (or any kind) of image is bad (applies to all OS'es):

            • People forget to remove / reset the unique ID & cause issues that way.
            • People's networking stuff changes (i.e. "we replaced OLDCORE with NEWCORE under a new name. In a new domain, in fact, because of Acquisition X. We don't control DNS and can't point over to NEWCORE ... and even if we did, clients don't have the cert from NEWCORE so won't be trusted") ... and fun situations like that.
            • Some tech updates / changes prevent "old software" from being able to talk to newer ones (one example is for instance a lot of the cypher & functional updates in OpenSSL over the last few years).


            ... those are the highlights - but people keep coming up with new & interesting ways of making new problems by including the agent on the image stack. In short - it's a bad idea .


            It's *MUCH* easier to just include a reference "go to Server/IP here, download the agent installer, and run it" as part of your post-OS provisioning / config steps (whichever tool you use - ours or someone else's).


            Hope that provides context.


            As said above - "please don't do it" - other than a false sense of convenience, there's really no argument for it - and many against.

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              MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

              The only scenario I might consider it makes sense to include the agent is if you supply the image to someone who provides a service to build machines for you before shipping them. Even then I would try to get them to install the agent after the imaging process.


              If this applies, then let us know and we can point you to the information you need to prepare the image, but otherwise I third the "don't do it" comments.


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