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    Error when attempting to save or disable a validation Rule

    TheBlueNova Apprentice

      Looking for some help to diagnose and resolve the following issue.


      Ivanti Service Manager 2017.1.1000.25704 @ 6/26/2017


      Noticed an oddity when creating a new Project Phase >Task.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. open up a Project Phase

      2. Set Service, Team, Owner, Start Date and Planned End Date

      3. Leave End Date blank (at this point we dont know when that will be so you shouldnt have to set it)

      4. save the task

      When attempting to save you get the error:


      The following information does not satisfy validation constraints:



      Start Date cannot be later than End Date.
      Data in the database has changed while you were editing


      So I headed to admin > Build >  Business Objects > Business Object Frs_Prj_Phase# > Relationships > Business Object Task#Assignment > Business Rules
      Expanded Validation Rules and got the following behaiour on the rule "Validation Rule 2 in Task#Assignment"


      When attempting to Save changes to the rule:

      Error: Validation rule with expression '$(nvl(StartDate, "1/1/2000 7:00:00 PM") <= nvl(EndDate, "1/1/2000 7:00:00 PM"))' was not found.


      When attempting to disable the rule:

      Unhandled system exception: Rule not found.