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    Auto Closure of Incidents Fails - localhost not recognised


      We are running ITBM v. 7.2.5


      I have successfully installed the the Auto Close Service on our Development environment

      The appropriate changes to the Touchpaper.Integration.PollServices.Poll.exe.config file have been made - Poll Period and MinutesSinceStatusSet = 5 mins to ensure immediate reaction to the service.

      The Install.bat file has been run and I have started the service.

      I have ran the script against the database to ensure resolutions during our period running 7.1.4 are picked up.


      This has been unsuccessful as none of the Resolved incidents have gone to the Closed status.


      The following message is recorded in the Event Viewer, which is obviously the problem...

      The request failed with HTTP status 404: Not Found.

      Error reading resolution object



      This, I assume, is the localhost entry in the Touchpaper.Integration.PollServices.Poll.exe.config file (below)


           <add key="url" value="http://localhost/Touchpaper.Framework.Web"/>


      I have replaced the localhost value with the standard computer name, the full domain name and the ip address, however none of these entries seem to resolve the problem.


      Any ideas folks???