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    EPM 2017.3 and the CSA 4.3.1-183.20170504.1515

    carlos Expert

      I just upgraded to 2017.3 (

      Hello, reading the release Notes for 2017.3 it says that:


      Significant improvements to download speed for clients through the CSA. There are also various improvements to the CSA, including new hardware, updated OS (CentOS 6.9) and a new virtual machine. Note that the new CSA is not compatible with 9.6 agents.

      I tried to find a new version of the CSA but I could not find it. I'm running

      Does it means that THERE IS a new csa version (i just couldn't find it) and that if I update to this new version my cores running 9.6 xxxx will stop working (for remote nodes)?

      Does EMP 2017.3 still works with CSA 4.3.1-183.20170504.1515?