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    Specify sub-folders of driver repository for the HII to search from based on make/model

    chsrmsk Rookie

      Currently, we have hundreds of drivers installed in our HII environment because we have over 100 different make/model computers in our fleet. Most imaging of machines is fine, but we do notice that it sometimes tries to install drivers for other hardware, which usually is harmless, but does cause blue screens on some models and on all machines, forces the dell touchpad driver to install. I will most likely be rebuilding the entire driver repository soon, which might help some, but I still don't like how it currently works.


      I know that LANDesk can force certain drivers to install based on the model, but each imaging process will still search the entire repository for anything that might match and it's just a PITA. Is there any way to specify a specific folder for each make/model to search from so that ONLY the drivers that the manufacturer provides for that model will get searched/downloaded/installed? There is a way to do it with Microsoft's deployment toolkit, but for LANDesk, it doesn't allow you to specify the root folder it searches, it just uses the database file and the entire drivers directory.


      Anyone ever do this before or have another way to deal with it? If I can manually run the HII within WinPE & windows and just have it point to a folder, that would be great as I can have something else download only the drivers it should install.