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    Buttons - Quick Action - Run Form Actions within sub-panel tabs

    MarkLarvo Specialist

      Change module:

      Impacted Sites Tab:


      In Change I have created a Quick Actions to Search and Link our impacted sites for "EU locations" & "Asia Locations".


      These run perfectly from the Change Action Menu dropdown.


      Question/Goal: What I really want are Buttons that sit on the Link/Unlink menu bar of the Impacted SItes tab. I tried to be clever and create Run for Child Quick Actions under the Location object that call the Change objects QAs listed above. No good. I have pretty buttons exactly where we want them but no functionality.



      ---------------------------------- Code, see attached screen shot

      CHANGE QA (works from Action Menu, green box in image)

      Name: Sites - Add - All EU Cities

      Relationship: KE_ChangeAssocLocation

      Search and link expression: Location#.Name = London OR Location#.Name = Munich


      LOCATION QA (does not work as a sub-panel button, red box in image)

      Name: Sites - Add - EU Cities

      Relationship: KE_ChangeAssocLocation

      Child Object Filter: Action to run: Sites - Add - All EU Cities


      This is new territory. It must be something simple, right!?


      Thanks all!

      quick actions.png