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    Scanner not returning data


      I've been having some occasional trouble with the Wavelink Industrial Browser on some Datalogic Falcon X3s. (Both the Falcon X3 and Falcon X3+)
      The IB shows the web page correctly, but when a scan is attempted, it seems like it reads the barcode (IE, the laser turns off), but there is no confirmation beep, and the data is not returned to the input box on the screen.
      I've already confirmed that the scanning functionality works fine outside of Wavelink. Dropping back to Windows, they can scan text to Notes just fine.


      I found this article in the knowledge base, but these settings don't seem to have made a difference.
      Scanner wont input data on CI70 Device Using TelnetCE.


      Anyone else run into this issue before?

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          Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

          The fact that you can scan outside of the Industrial Browser IS your problem. Some sort of system level scanner wedge is enabled in the background and is "consuming" your scan data instead of enabling the IB to act as the scanner wedge. Disable the system level scanner wedge and you should be all set in IB.