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    Prompt to choose Technician for new Tasks

    JohnO Specialist

      Hi Everyone,

      A user will create a purchase request and the ticket will go the purchaser to fulfill the order then assign a task to a technician to deploy the equipment received. When the purchaser clicks on ADD TASK, the process only creates the task and I have to open the purchase request ticket, click the TASK collection tab, click on the ADD ASSIGNMENT action button from the left hand side to reassign the task to the technician then click save.


      Is there a way to automatically point me to the window where I can directly pick a technician then it will assign a new task ticket to the technician. It is a bit of a hassle to go through the ticket, open up the task then reassign it to a technician.


      Below is a sample of my task.

      Any help is always appreciated.


      Thanks in advance!


      John O.

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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi John O


          I was wondering how many coffees to have this morning before answering this as a bit perplexed by your description.  


          Your Task Process and notes clearly suggest this is an "Assigned Task" based on the "Add Assignment" automatic action on create and the note saying it informs the technician;  I can only assume this bit in the process isn't working as you say you need to reassign after the task is already created.


          So I'm going to assume you are struggling getting "Assigned Task" working.


          The key here is to have two related attributes on the TASK object called something along the lines of "Initial Assignment Group" and "Initial Assignment User" (they may be in your solution already), hey you may even want to throw in one for Role too). Add these to the main Task Window.  Perhaps if you don't want to see these once the task is created then create NEW and UPDATE windows for the main Task window and setup accordingly view window views).  Now you have these new fields then change that existing automatic assignment action to value type the values for Group/User/Role etc from these new fields on the base Task object.


          OK so now you would be able to do the "Add Task" action in your main process and see your new attributes and if used it would auto assign your new Task on creation.


          But let's not stop there; let's make it easier to do in the main process as I'm sure you also want to value type other existing onto the task summary, description, due date etc etc.


          So create a new collection object (call it what you want) and add an action something like "Add Deployment Task".  On this collection (apart from an IsName Title field and CreateDate etc) again add Group and User related attributes.  Create a window for this new collection.


          Add this action (remember to set privileges too) to wherever appropriate as a process action (you could even set the window so that it follows on from previous action) and follow immediately (move existing action if created too early in the lifecycle) with the "Add Task" automatic action and this time you value type from the new collection fields onto the Task initial assignment attributes.


          That should be all you need.


          In principle you could skip the collection and use 2 new related (Group and User) attributes on the main process and create a "Ghost Window" (see recent article on this in the community if you are unsure on how to do) Action and then value type onto the automatic action.  This would seemingly work in this scenario as you only have one deployment Task.  Downside would be if you invoked the action more than once as the Group/User fields on the form would be remembered from the last time the action was run on this lifecycle; hence why we typically use a collection as then a blank form every time the action is called.


          Hope this helps




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            JohnO Specialist



            Your suggestion worked! I created both "Initial Assignment Group" and "Initial Assignment User" then added both on the Task window.

            Then on the Task process, I added the value types to grab the Task windows.

            Thanks again for your help! I really appreciated it.



            John O

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              Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

              No problem JohnO,  glad it worked for you.