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    Team Routing


      I am trying to make a routing for my Service Request. For example, i have this specific Service Request template and there is a field for location, i need know how i can make a condition that if location field = US it will route to a specific ownerteam.

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          AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

          In your request offering workflow you can add a switch block and upon the location you can add a different task or change the owner team with an update block.


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            florian1 Expert

            If the condition is always fixed and unlikely to change you can use Alisdair's approach.


            Another option (=dynamic conditions) is to

            1) create a simple validation list (XTN_LocationOwnerTeam):

            - Location (validated)

            - OwnerTeam (validated)


            2) create a PickList (XTN OwnerTeamByLocation):

            BO: XTN_LocationOwnerTeam

            DisplayField: Location

            Value Field: Location

            Sort By Field: Location



            Location equal to {0}


            check "Auto-select if list has single value"


            3) Add a Location drop down selection to your Service Request (e.g. default value = Employee Location)

            4) Add a XTN OwnerTeamByLocation drop down selection to your Service Request (constraint = Location from 3)

            5) modify your workflow as needed.


            Please note that you will either have to

            - map each and every location for this to work (recommended) or

            - add an if condition in your workflow for defaults or

            - set default value for 4) if the employee Location is empty