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    Show inventory report to individual report users


      Dear All,


      Is there anyway we can allow each of the end users to view the inventory of his/her own machine, but not others' machine?


      In theory, we can setup a profile for indivdiual user and allow them to view their own inventory through the web console, but since there will be over 1000 end users, it is not practical to do so? Anyone has solution on that? Thanks.


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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Urm - no ... that's not really part of the product, since the whole idea is that you have IT-staff working on the consoles, not "world + dog" ... what exactly is the purpose supposed to be here?


          The "easier" way I suppose would be to present each user with their own scan-file, but I'm not sure that'll be much of a help either (since faced with a wall of text, most people tend to get glazed over eyes).


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            egarlepp Employee

            There is a product by NETWORKD called the iLaunchpad(not to be confused with the LANDesk LaunchPad) that allows techs/admins/HelpDesk to see inventory and other things for an individual system.  It is quite cool and does bridge the gap for the consoles.  It can be purchased quite cheap and will do what you want.  We have been using it for a few years now and for our 27k nodes.  You could also follow the links below to do it.




            I did not create these but may help you achieve your goal.


            Hope this helps

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              zman Master

              In addition to what long lost Paul and Eric indicated, if you have the LANDesk SDK and can code a little I saw a simple commandline EXE from our ESP that did this based on PC number.

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                Hi EGarlepp,


                The purpose of this is to show each end user their own report, so that they can verify that "illegal" software is not installed. There should be a way to authenticate each end users to his / her own report. The end users should not be able to see other people's report. Is this function supported by iLaunchPad?


                Also, is iLaunchPad available as a standalone product? It is because we are in Hong Kong and looks like the location is not covered by NetworkD?


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                  iLaunchPad (now rebranded as Integration Launcher) is designed to be installed onto your system and linked to the LANDesk database via a central web-service.  It's true NetworkD does not have an office that covers Hong Kong, but the product would be supported in your region providing it was being used in English language.


                  Verismic is now a sister company to NetworkD in the Sparxent group.  If you want more details about Integration Launcher (iLaunchpad) then take a look on our website below. Probably best to take a look at the recorded demonstration to see how it works. It doesn't do what you are asking for specifically here though, as it is designed for support operators rather than end users.


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                    egarlepp Employee

                    You cannot restrict what the users can see with the NETWORKD tool in terms of inventory records. They will only see one inventory record at a time but they could do that with any system.

                    In terms of restricting that report outside the consoles, that is not possible(that i know) without some SQL and a script being put together.  You may want to consider a free utility that just gives a list of the software installed or like i mentioned use a VB(WMI) script to list it for the user.  The user would then run it and only see their systems installed software(since it is run locally). This would work like a restriction as the users(without tech like rights) would need to be physically at a system to run it.You could even get fancy and create a EXE/MSI so that it can run elevated and save the results as a txt file for future viewing. You can do this through LANDesk and have it create the txt file for the user locally for them to view.  You could add it to the LANDesk Launchpad and have the user run it when they want the list to be updated.  Or just look at what ZMAN(dave) mentions about the SDK..


                    Sorry for the ramblings, but i hope this helps.